Peetey was a dog that was first found tied to a tree in a park, seems like Peetey's life started out all wrong. He was just about 10 months old when he was found by someone that wanted to help him. She took him home and got him enrolled with a local rescue group. Prospects were looking up for this sweet boy.

Peetey started coming to the adoption sites and was a favorite among the volunteers and the public as well. We were just waiting for his forever home to come to fruition and we knew it was not going to be long.

Peetey was such a character! Instead of barking he had a kind of yelp he did when he wanted to tell you something or get noticed. He was very compliant and very sweet. Of course we knew he was a mixed mutt of some sort, had a little pit bull in him but a little of some other breeds as well. We thought maybe a little husky, or australian shepherd.

Peetey loved to play! He would  play with the volunteers until he tired them out and then still wanted to play some more. He played with every dog he met, he liked to run and romp just like any pup would. He was so sweet, but unobtrusive. He had such good manners! Peetey trusted everyone he met even though he had already been betrayed once, he held no grudges.

Peetey's foster family moved to a new house in the West University area of Houston around July 2009. Peetey was in a new place and had just gotten a bath. He was not wearing his tags and managed to squeeze out of his new gate and I imagine thought he was going on a great adventure. Peetey was found the next morning walking down Kirby and was taken to the Houston SPCA. I imagine he willingly got in the car of the person that took him there. The foster parent looked for him and notified the rescue group 48 hours after he went missing and an army was mobilized to find him. People were down in the parks, going around the streets in the early morning hours, and in the late afternoon looking for him. Rescue group emails went out all over Houston. His foster went to the SPCA and through some misunderstanding was shown adoptable dogs instead of the dogs "in the back". Peetey was there but she never saw him.

We found Peetey about 2 days too late. The Houston SPCA had euthanized him exactly 72 hours after he had been dropped off there. The reason was that he was a pit bull mix and so was deemed unadoptable, and no one claimed him. Peetey was a healthy happy dog, he should have been saved and more effort should have been made for him, but he just became a statistic of a city that kills too many adoptable and sweet dogs and cats. Just given enough time, Peetey could have been saved.

In Peetey's honor, our mission is to save as many shelter animals as we can and strive to make Houston a more humane  city that is largely "No Kill" of dogs and cats that are innocent and have committed no crime except that of being unwanted.

Peetey taught us a very valuable lesson, All shelters kill in Houston, All Pets have to have a registered microchip. People must work to change the status quo. Local Groups need to be supported.

Please help us in our efforts to save those like Peetey, sweet adoptable dogs and cats. We are willing to do the work, we just ask for your support.

Last photo of Peetey at SPCA

We Remember you Peetey, and hold you in our hearts forever.

For Peetey's Sake Dog and Cat Rescue