"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan."

                                                                                                                                                         From “The Once Again Prince” by Irving Townsend


A Donation was made in memory of Runt by Hannah Peacock Born July 18,2005, Died November 5, 2017



A Donation was made in Memory of Gaviota, Beloved Dog of Mortimer X By Hannah Peacock


A donation was made in loving memory of Mijo, beloved companion of Chris Bungo by Connie 


A donation was made in memory of "Periwinkel the Cat" beloved companion of Donna Jadloski, by Hannah Peacock


A donation was made in loving memory of Chip, cherished "Boo" of Connie Peacock, by her family, John and Karen Peacock.

                                                                                 In Loving Memory of Buffy, ?-April 2,2014 

A Memorial Donation was made in honor of the loving and purrfect pet of Sharon Williams, Daiquiri, by Hannah Peacock

. You will be together again one day.

A Memorial Donation was made in honor of a wonderful companion, a beautiful Dane by Hannah Peacock

An additional memorial donation was made by John and Karen Peacock in memory of Conor

"In memory of Conor Owens, beloved pet of Kathi and Barry Owens"

A Memorial Donation was made by Wyatt Williams in memory of Beverly Passow

In Loving Memory of Baby Kitten Mariner, a donation was made by Hannah Peacock

In Loving Memory of Misty, Taken from us too soon.

In Loving Memory of Eskimo, her spirit still shines brightly in our hearts.

Eskimo's Dad made a Memorial Donation in her memory

From her Dad....

Little Eskimo  always had such a zest for life.  I've always been able to count on her for any adventure.  Even with her declining health, she followed us around the house as we packed for this past Christmas trip - she wanted to make sure that she was being included. She went on so many trips with us.  She even went on our wedding trip to New Orleans and then on to Florida.  She had been out west to Phoenix and Vegas, to North Carolina numerous times, to Chicago a couple times, all over Texas - to say that she was our constant companion may be an understatement. Even though she had not been greeting me as of lately, it is still hard to come home without her being here.

I wish that all dogs and cats could have such a loving family as Eskimo did. She was a treasure that will never be forgotten, a light that will shine forever.


Eskimo and her travels

In Loving Memory of Taylor                                               

A donation was made in memory of Taylor, 3 kittens were fully vetted in her honor

                                          About Taylor, by her mom Anna Marie.....

I lost Taylor last night. Here’s a little bit about Taylor- she was adopted at CAP and returned because she didn’t fit their family- she was probably 7 years old at that time. I fostered her for a while until I realized her place needed to be with me. She was easy going but never really playful (so I don’t know what happened in her life). She lived another 8 years-hopefully happy ones. (I named her Taylor because she had that messy black hair like Elizabeth Taylor). 

A Tribute was made in honor of Mystic and Rocco by Diane Murphy,

Our Pets stay in our hearts forever, Mystic can be seen in the faces of her babies, Sumo and Lucy

 In Loving Memory of Mystic and Rocco




Milly lost her battle with Lymphoma on June 2, 2011. She loved her Daddy and she waits for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

A donation was made in her name by Anna Marie