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For Peetey’s Sake Dog and Cat Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer organization that places stray, abandoned and shelter pets into permanent loving homes. We do not care what the breed is, how old they are, what their size is, or what kind of medical care they need.  In reality, many of our rescued pets do require extensive medical care, some are elderly, and some are very big dogs – all factors that could mean death in many traditional shelter venues.  We do not operate a central shelter location, but rely on a network of dedicated and loving fosters who welcome these pets into their homes. Some of our pets are rescued from the streets by caring people who are unwilling to take them to a shelter; we offer support and assistance to these individuals who are willing to step up themselves to save the lives of homeless pets.  Most of our pets are just grateful to have someone that finally cares about them and are ready to be adopted. Some need to build trust with humans and learn – sometimes for the first time -   that humans can be kind. Our fosters dedicate themselves to the rehabilitation of these pets to allow their placement into loving homes and to have the happy ending they deserve.


            Our group is named in honor of a sweet dog named Peetey, who became lost before he could find his forever home  Although a small army was searching for Peetey, they were unable to locate him before he was euthanized at the end of a three-day stray hold period.  Peetey’s death was a tragedy that touched many people and we honor him by trying to save those like him.  In an effort to prevent other pets from suffering Peetey’s fate, not only are all of our pets up to date on medical care, including all required vaccinations, but they also have a registered microchip; a registered microchip may be a pet’s only ticket home if they find themselves lost or in a shelter. We  showcase our dogs at the Natural Pawz stores at 290/Spring Cypress Rd and the Vintage Park Natural Pawz at 249/Louetta. Send  us an email for dates and times! fpsrescue@aol.com

Our Adoptable Pets are viewable at AdoptAPet.com and search shelters! 

For Peetey's Sake Dog and Cat Rescue

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